The Making of an American Hero

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Racism and the Sand Creek Massacre

I became linked to the Sand Creek Massacre in 2001 because I felt ashamed for having lived in Colorado for decades and did not know much about the massacre. In 2001, there was next to nothing on the Internet about the SCM. I made a little award-winning video of it ( before I made a bigger award-winning video of it. I put the little video on You Tube. It was the first video about the SCM on You Tube. Now, there are so Sand Creek Massacre videos on You Tube that I don’t even count them anymore.

So, my goal of informing, educating and creating awareness regarding
racism continues to expand via the SCM. I’ve been screening the film
and answering questions before groups, organizations, schools, colleges
and universities, so if you run across anyone who is looking for a speaker
with whom this would resonate, I’d be happy to show the film and answer
questions. This includes elementary schools. Please pass the word.

An Alternative to Killing

An Alternative to Killing

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How to Act

For everyone who has ever enjoyed watching a movie,
watch this 2 minute 23 second video. You’ll learn
something. It will be fun. You will go away knowing
something you do not now know. And it will cause
you to laugh. What more can you ask?

Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC
The Zen of Writing & Screenwriting


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