Be a Hero. Save a Kid from Sexual Assault and a Life of Pain

I have received 2 donations in the past 3 days! And a testimonial about the project shows how vital to kids this project is.

Testimonial: “This sounds like an intense and important story to tell.”

Best of luck with your project,

Toni K. Troop
Director of Communications and Development
Jane Doe Inc.


We must not be so blind that we do not see the need kids have for us.

Kids grow up in a battleground. Shootings. Killings. Murders. Pedophiles. Serial killers. We need to work together as a global community to make this world safe for kids. Give them a chance to grow up without always having to duck. I grew up that way. No threats of any kind. None. So, what has changed? There are so many attacks on kids these days that it is becoming second nature to some. They ignore the news because a kid getting attacked is old news the minute it becomes news. No one cares anymore. Join me. Care with me. Our kids need us.


I am producing a documentary film and training program video to teach kids how to identify sex offenders before they become victims. The film will be based on a story about the Kellie Family who were murdered by their next door neighbor, Erwin Charles Simants. He also committed heinous sexual acts on Florence (10), Deanna (7) and Marie (57) after he shot them dead.

Simants has been diagnosed as a pedophile, schizophrenic and alcoholic, three disorders without any known cures. He got off on an insanity defense plea and is scheduled to walk free in December 2015.

Help me make this documentary film and training program/video to teach kids how to identify sex offenders to help them avoid becoming victims like the Kellie Family became.

Join me! Care with me! Together, we CAN help make our country a safer place for our kids and grandkids. Contribute now!

Sand Creek Massacre Film at University of Denver

My award-winning documentary film, “The Sand Creek Massacre” (Best Film – Indie Film Festival, American Indian Film Festival, Trail Dance Film Festival, Golden Drover Award for Best Native American Film)can be accessed at:

Award-Winning Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek with University of Denver class

Award-Winning Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek with University of Denver class

Hello Everyone,

I come to a class, Freshman Seminar 1111-84: History, Memory, and
Native Identity (FSEM), taught by Professor Christy-Dale Sims,
on November 4, 2015 at the University of Denver. “The Sand Creek
Massacre” film was screened, which was then followed by questions,
answers and a discussion about the massacre and racism.
Professor Sims conducted an upbeat informational and educational
forum. The students, aware and focused, exhibited maturity,
knowledge and positive energy.

Overall, I learned a heck of a lot about the massacre, racism,
freshman students in college and how bright and informed they are,
and we can thank Professor Sims and her razor-sharp mind for impressing
upon all of us how vital it is to be aware of America’s indigenous people
and how each of us act and react regarding racism.

So, I thought I’d share this with you. Due to limited time, I was unable
to get student names.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Best Regards,
Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC
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