Award-Winning Writer/Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek at Booth Western Art Museum in Atlanta for “The Sand Creek Massacre” screening

Films and Televison:

“The Road Home” – A Pamela Cuming Film – Executive Producer – Angel Street Films LLC.

“The Blue Man” (Gold Reel Winner, Nevada Film Festival, Official Selection, Hoboken International Film Festival), Script Consultant, – Utku Celtic, Director/Producer

“The Rose Garden” Associate Producer – Angel Street Films LLC.

“Running Horses”, Actor – Angel Street Films LLC.

“Faces”, Writer, Director, Producer – Olympus Films+, LLC

“Warriors of Virtue”, Feature Film – Writer Consultant – MGM

“Born to Win”, Screenwriter Story – Incline Productions, Inc.

“The Lost Heart”, Screenwriter – American Pictures

“The Sand Creek Massacre”, (Best Film, The Indie Gathering Film Festival, The American Indian Film Festival, Best Film, Golden Drover Award The Trail Dance Film Festival) Writer, Director, Producer – Olympus Films+, LLC

“Born to Kill”, Screenwriter – Rocky Group, Inc.

“Die Hard With a Vengeance”, Extra – 20th Century Feature Fox

“Mystery of Flight 1501”, Extra – ABC Movie of the Week

“Father Dowling”, Extra – ABC Episodic Series


“The Write Focus”, Author
Olympus Films+, LLC, Publisher

“How to Write, Sell and Get Your Screenplays Produced”, Author
Olympus Films+, LLC, Publisher

“When We Don’t Remember, A Book About Incest, Writing Consultant
Lyda W. Hersloff, Ph.D
Distinctive Publishing, Publisher

“Urban Wakeup”, Ghostwriter
Nima Javaheri
Urban Wakeup, Publisher

“Me Jane…Not You!”, Writing Consultant
Lydie Denier
Magellan Books, Publisher

“Police-Community Relations”, Writing Consultant
William A. Snell
U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Have written and published over 1,000 articles on writing, screenwriting, and filmmaking.

Donald L. Vasicek

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