Endorsements – Donald L. Vasicek’s Writing and Filmmaking Services, Advice on AllExperts.com, and Accomplishments:

Donald L. Vasicek – Alfrech “Heap of Birds”, Cheyenne on location in Clinton, Oklahoma during interview for the award-winning documentary film, “The Sand Creek Massacre”

“Donald is a born leader who can inspire people to really make a difference.””
Thomas Duffy

“Donald is not only a talented filmmaker but a higly supportive friend. He shows care and concern in both his film/work and personal support. Donald is also a well-centered person which makes him an excellent filmmaker. Know yourself, know your work! Donald knows both.”
-Dr. Cynthia Clark
Forensic Psychologist/Actress

“Just watched your film on Maxmouth.com. Speechless! You really did allow their voices to be the story. A good film, as you well know, is one that creates powerful emotions and Sand Creek did just that. I thought the list of names of the Cheyenne and Arapaho killed was the highlight. Seeing their names scrolling before us gives them life and substance—-something history never did. Thanks so much for this important film.”

“”Donald is a superb filmmaker and writer who would be exceptional for any entrepreneurial project! I give him my highest recommendation ”

-Professor Janis Judson
Hood University

Your career in film and as a writer, inspired me to write my novel “Presidential Indiscretions.”
-Dr. Turner Joy

“We all could learn so much from you Don. if we write our research publications in a more understandable way using simpler words but at the same time in a way so that the reader is interested, it would help science and human knowledge. We could attract more interest. More people would be interested in science, engineering, and medicine. However, we write our publications using specific scientific languages, which are not easily understood by other scientists and engineers in different areas. For instance, we have cell phones and laptops, however, we do not know how these devices function.”
-Dr. Orkid Coskuner
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Neurosciences Institute, University of Texas at San Antonio

“Your article looks amazing!”

“Great Thoughts on Success

-Lisa Smith, Editor, SuccessStory.com

“Donald was absolutely awesome to work with. He was very thorough in reviewing my book and gave me fantastic notes to use to restructure paragraphs. He was very reasonable and communicated with me throughout the process.”
Jessica Anderson, Author

“Don, you’re an inspiration to other screenwriters out there! A great model as well.”
-Mario Leone 

“He was very prompt and polite in returning messages.”
-Tamara, Author

“I thank Don Vasicek who referred me to a reference book I never knew existed. And he did this quickly and clearly. Certainly he is knowledgeable and polite as well.”

“Award winning film I voiced A few years back: I was called upon by producer Donald L. Vasicek to voice a very somber narration for “The Sand Creek Massacre.” Don emailed me a few days ago telling me it had won numerous prestigious awards and is being distributed in North America and Asia. It’s played at festivals in all states and recently was placed in the Smithsonian Institution. Needless to say, I was thrilled and very proud to be part of this. The whole film runs about 20 minutes and is quite compelling. My narration part begins at 16:17 on the audio player. Here’s a link to the film.
-John Miles

“I had my book re-edited by an Award Winning Film Writer. Donald L. Vasicek is an awesome and remarkable man. I also received a wealth of information for marketing, not just a book, but my story. As my story is the story of many others, I hope to play my part for all women, men, and our children to Walkin’ Tall through life.”
Mary Towns

“Hi Donald, I am so relieved to be connected to you, I don’t know why but when I see your pic it has a positive physical effect on me, I feel like we speak the same language, so difficult for me to find in another and I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. As time goes on I can reveal more as I see in you someone I can go to and not be turned away without receiving an honest and accurate reply.”



I’ve spent a lot of time researching who to pursue to bring on board. In each case, my first pick said yes. Literally nobody has said no to me and since speaking with you I have the hair/make-up key from the movie ‘Precious’, and the newest ‘Indiana Jones’;
an editor that has been editing around 4 movies a year for several years, and a locations manager in NYC that basically takes care of the schedule with me. It’s like I decide what I want, and in 250 words or less I receive it.”

-George Payne

Dear Donald L.,
Я предоставляю эту рекомендацию о ваших профессиональных качествах, чтобы другие пользователи LinkedIn узнали больше о вас.

Details of the Recommendation: “I respect Donald as both a writer and consultant. One of the most capable and professional people I know. Donald has matchless professionalism. I thank him for advices and work on my script and English. I highly recommend him for any work needing to be done!!”
-Yulia Sumarokova
Russian Screenwriter and Air Controller

“Hi Donald, haven’t seen you on the group for a while so just checking in with you to see how you are. I just wanted you to know what I have been channelling your advice and starting each writing day with no expectation of delivering anything monumental (writing for the garbage bin) & just taking the pressure off in general . You advice to just write was really simple but hit the mark as I can feel the improvement each day I write. Thank you.”
-Carole Bauer

Witch-Ann wrote: “Donald L. Vasicek is a hard working film maker producing what I know are the best documentaries I have seen. His quality of work supersedes many. The way he tells his stories is one of devotion and care. I highly recommend him for any work needing to be done.”

“One of the most capable and professional people I know.”
-Mary Laurie

“I have known Donald since 2002 and respect him as both a writer, film producer and consultant.  His films are always well thought out and artistically compiled. Over the years I have got to know Donald as not only a fellow artist, but a close friend who always has the time to share his knowledge and pass on good advice.”
Susan Jahme

Don is a very dedicated, focused filmmaker. You will love him! 
-Donna Calabrese

“Excellent documentarian and filmmaker. Has created historical films that enlighten humanity. ”
Tomaca Govan on Jun 22, 2011

“All your writings on screenwriting are amazing and kind of reminding my college narrative scriptwriting classes:) Especially Joseph Campbell hero’s journey.”
-Satya Peram

“I watched “The Sand Creek Massacre” this morning and casted my vote for
it. It is  very moving and yet so sad to see what our Native-American
brothers and sisters had to needlessly endure. I’m very moved, and
would like to thank Mr. Don Vasicek for a documentary that we can pass
down through the generations to educate, remember and honor the people
who lived in this country first.”


Debbi Mouradjian

“Hello Mr. Vasicek,

You are an inspiration to aspiring artists, you truly are. I am very thankful and feel rewarded to have come across your site. I agree with you, when you find that inner being, you do not hit artist blocks, you no longer are pensive. Everything begins to flow.    Continue to inspire and be inspired!!!”

Gyasi Govan/Filmmaker

“Your website is great….you’re one of few who knows that like becoming a plumber you must learn the craft of screen writing. Its a craft not an abstract art.”


“Donald Vasicek is an excellent and outstanding writer. He has created a beautiful script on the Civil War that I hope will be on the screen in the near future. Thank you so very much, Donald. Your work is extraordinary.”

“Why are you a good actor, Don? Because you truly become the part. You are not pretending. You are that role from the inside out.”
-Lisa Gerstner Boston
Film Composer

“This is probably some of the best advice given to new and old writers out there. Where were you when I wrote my first book? I will keep this information in mind while finishing my second book, hopefully it will help keep me centered on the goal at hand. Thank you.”
“Better Said Now Than Never Said” At AllISBN# 1424195853
www. freewebs. com/grama-cjbarrimon

“Don; Thanks. Very clear and decisive answers. That’s a immeasurable quality. Thank you again.”

“I have known Don Vasicek for over 5 years. He worked with
me on my book, “Me Jane, Not You!” During our time working together,
he has mentored and tutored me on how to write effectively.
Detail, format, genre and structure oriented, he pushed me to my
mental limits.

“It resulted in becoming an accomplished writer, both fiction and non-fiction.
“Me Jane, Not You!”, an auto-biography, is now completed. He is presently
working with me on my novel, “The Flying Dutchman.”

“I highly recommend Don as a writer, a tutor, and a mentor.
His professionalism is only transcended by his keenness of
mind to serve his client in order to go the highest level with
their writing.

“He is simply the best and loves what he’s doing.”

-Lydie Denier
Lantana Center
3000 Olympic Boulevard
Suite 1302
Santa Monica, California 90404
Tel: (310) 315-4804
Fax: (310) 315-4805

Lydie Denier

Lydie Denier

I enjoyed reading your web site. Your articles are spot-on with my own understanding and experience.I like your writing and style. It’s concise, well articulated, and definitely has the stylistic quality of modern media.

“I am overwhelmed by the depth and volume of your replay.
Thank you, thank you for your generosity.”

“Thank you Don for this pithy, powerful advice — it gets right to the heart of the matter while still being eminently pragmatic. I realize now that I’ve always known how to brand myself, but never thought of it as such, so this was a very useful exchange. Thanks all for this great website!”

“Thank you for your smart professional reply. Your prompt advise was really informative, putting my mind at ease. Love to collaborate with you again in the future . . . Edward

“He gave some useful tips. I was told how to open and proceed with my pitch in such a way as to grab and keep the listener’s attention. Thank you, Don.”

“Seems so easy when you do it. When this script sells, you are going to be in the closing credits!!”

“The responses were respectful and he answered the questions very directly out of his own experience, so quite helpful. In fact, I’ll probably follow his suggestion. Thanks very much.”

“He answered my question patiently. A good teacher for screenwriters.”

“Hello Don,

“My name is Norman and I’m a published South African writer who is attempting to make the transition into screenwriting. I wanted to drop you a mail to thank you for the wealth of information and knowledge that I’ve gained from your website. I’ve read everything from Syd Field, David Trottier and Chris Vogler and even though they teach you the basics of structure and story telling, there are so many gaps that I’m only now learning, thanks to you.

“Even though I may never afford your script services, what you offer for free has made me feel that I’ve somehow cheated you out of a service that everyone else charges for. I’m recommending your site to everyone I come across.”

Thank you again.”

“Thank you, Don, for your very quick response, and for your advice. The teacher worked in the industry years ago, so I was thinking she may be a little out of touch perhaps. Your comments were very helpful.”

“The Sand Creek Massacre was just one incident from the centuries-long genocide of the native peoples in America. And, it continues to this day. We commend Don Vasicek for his work in accurately documenting this historical event and for his work to bring attention to the atrocities that have and continue to face this entire race of people in America.”
-Tomaca Govan
“Dances With Life”

“Wow-Thank you Don! I was a little apprehensive of getting an answer, but your timeliness, knowledge and genuine concern blew away the lack of expectation. I had room for a full blown expectation and would still have been well-serviced! I will certainly follow up with you. I’m considering, as a gift for my dad, having it typed in computer format, professional graphics, and one of your packages. Thanks for the direction and encouragement.”

” I have worked with Don on many projects, as a consulting producer and host/interviewer over the past few years. He is not only a pleasure to work with but offers sound and practical advice from his vast bank of knowledge and experience.

“Recently I encountered a stumbling block with my writing and felt like taking a match to the manuscript of a book in progress. However after a brief conversation with Don and some invaluable words of wisdom and encouragement, my masterpiece remains intact and I am once more inspired.

“Thanks Don!”

“Don was wonderful! He really helped improve my screenwriting knowledge. I highly recommend his expertise if anyone is having problems with their screenplay!”

-Alison Hill , Emmy Nominated Producer/SERENMEDIA

Dear Don,

“I just viewed your powerful documentary, The Sand Creek Massacre.
I can’t get the words out of my mind, question to Chivington from
a soldier: “Should we kill the children?” answer, “Nits make lice.”

“This horror needs to be exposed. I am so honored that you sent this
to me. We are meeting this Monday evening and I will make the
proposal for a film festival. I want this to be first on the list.
Meanwhile, I will circulate this to our members for review over
the weekend.

“I profoundly feel that this information has terrific relevance for

“We can’t let this continue to slide!

“Again, I am so honored. I thank you so much.

“In solidarity,
-Bonnie Weinstein, www.buaw.org

“That was EXCELLENT advice, and I completely agree with everything you’ve said. You worded it, so even an idiot like myself could fully understand. I’m going to get to work on the rewrite.”

“Don was wonderful! He really helped improve my screenwriting knowledge. I highly recommend his expertise if anyone is having problems with their screenplay!”

“Don is a dedicated filmmaker possessing the qualities unique to a core within the entertainment industry who understand the importance of professionalism above all else. His films are smart, cutting edge and commercially viable.”
-Susan Moses/Cinema Virtuel

“Thank you Mr. Vasicek, you were incredibly polite and understandable. He’s a great help everyone, try him.”

“Don really was polite and responded fast, I was taken seriously and even got a compliment! This man really gives me hopes for my dreams.”
-Admiral N

“I have been asking questions about an area I know nothing about and find it all a bit intimidating. Don Vasicek has been very helpful by providing direct, concise guidance. Thank you.”

“He gave some useful tips. I was told how to open and proceed with my pitch in such a way as to grab and keep the listener’s attention. Thank you, Don.”

“Donald is a gifted and very creative writer with directoral talents as well. His creativity spans various genre’s from family to suspense subject matters. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”
-Rhett Caltrider, Author

“Russian playwright Anton Chekhov said, ‘Brevity is a sister of talent.’

“Unfortunately, not every pro has this sister. Don Vasicek has.His comments are always brief, wise and to the point.No matter how much I like my stuff, Don always knows how to improve it. Don, you are amazing!”
-Alexander Volkov, screenwriter, creator of “Pogonya za Angelom” (Runaway Angel) Russian TV series.

” Thanks for making me feel like I’m on the right track. I was fortunate to meet Randall Wallace yesterday who has done exactly what I am doing (published author who wrote his own screenplay-”Braveheart”). Thanks again, Don.

“Don really was polite and responded fast, I was taken seriously and even got a compliment! This consultant really gives me hopes for my dreams.”
-Bri Martinez

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