Award-Winning Writer/Filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek at Atlanta Booth Western Art Museum Appearance

Donald L. Vasicek/The Zen of Writing/Filmmaking

I can take you from the inception of your idea to the market by applying The Zen of Writing. Teach it to you. Tutor you. This translates to if you have an idea for a movie, book, article, book proposal, ghostwriting, ebook, web content, etc., I can guide you through the jungle of writing these tomes all the way to getting it to producers, agents, editors, and/or publishers, clients, potential clients, etc.  Or, if you want me to do the writing for you, I can do the same thing.

P. S. The Zen of Writing incorporates an approach to writing that has never been utilized before. It is based on 40 years of professional writing experience. It will take your writing to where you want it to go.




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(Featured on “48 Hours” and “The Verdict”)


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“When We Don’t Remember”

“Me Jane…Not You”

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“Oh, The Places You Can Go…”

“The Sand Creek Massacre”

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Smithsonian Libraries Archived Award-Winning Documentary Film, “The Sand Creek Massacre”



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I am overwhelmed by the depth and volume of your replay.
Thank you, thank you for your generosity.

“He gave some useful tips. I was told how to open and proceed with my pitch in such a way as to grab and keep the listener’s attention. Thank you, Don.”

“Seems so easy when you do it. When this script sells, you are going to be in the closing credits!!”

“Wow-Thank you Don! I was a little apprehensive of getting an answer, but your timeliness, knowledge and genuine concern blew away the lack of expectation. I had room for a full blown expectation and would still have been well-serviced! I will certainly follow up with you. I’m considering, as a gift for my dad, having it typed in computer format, professional graphics, and one of your packages. Thanks for the direction and encouragement.”
-Lucy Sheffield

“The Sand Creek Massacre was just one incident from the centuries-long genocide of the native peoples in America. And, it continues to this day. We commend Don Vasicek for his work in accurately documenting this historical event and for his work to bring attention to the atrocities that have and continue to face this entire race of people in America.”
-Tomaca Govan “Dances With Life”
http://dancewithlifemagazine.com http://TGovan.com

” I have worked with Don on many projects, as a consulting producer and host/interviewer over the past few years. He is not only a pleasure to work with but offers sound and practical advice from his vast bank of knowledge and experience.

“Recently I encountered a stumbling block with my writing and felt like taking a match to the manuscript of a book in progress. However after a brief conversation with Don and some invaluable words of wisdom and encouragement, my masterpiece remains intact and I am once more inspired.

“Thanks Don!”

“Don was wonderful! He really helped improve my screenwriting knowledge. I highly recommend his expertise if anyone is having problems with their screenplay!”
 -Alison Hill , Emmy Nominated Producer/SERENMEDIA –

Dear Don,

I just viewed your powerful documentary, The Sand Creek Massacre.
I can’t get the words out of my mind, question to Chivington from
a soldier: “Should we kill the children?” answer, “Nits make lice.”

This horror needs to be exposed. I am so honored that you sent this
to me. We are meeting this Monday evening and I will make the
proposal for a film festival. I want this to be first on the list.
Meanwhile, I will circulate this to our members for review over
the weekend.

I profoundly feel that this information has terrific relevance for

We can’t let this continue to slide!

Again, I am so honored. I thank you so much.

In solidarity,
-Bonnie Weinstein, www.buaw.org

“Don is a dedicated filmmaker possessing the qualities unique to a core within the entertainment industry who understand the importance of professionalism above all else. His films are smart, cutting edge and commercially viable.”
-Susan Moses/Cinema Virtuel

I have been asking questions about an area I know nothing about and find it all a bit intimidating. Don Vasicek has been very helpful by providing direct, concise guidance. Thank you.”

“Donald is a gifted and very creative writer with directorial talents as well. His creativity spans various genre’s from family to suspense subject matters. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”
-Rhett Caltrider, Author

“Russian playwright Anton Chekhov said, ‘Brevity is a sister of talent.’

“Unfortunately, not every pro has this sister. Don Vasicek has.His comments are always brief, wise and to the point.No matter how much I like my stuff, Don always knows how to improve it. Don, you are amazing!”
-Alexander Volkov, screenwriter, creator of “Pogonya za Angelom” (Runaway Angel) Russian TV series.

” Thanks for making me feel like I’m on the right track. I was fortunate to meet Randall Wallace yesterday who has done exactly what I am doing (published author who wrote his own screenplay-”Braveheart”). Thanks again, Don.

“Don really was polite and responded fast, I was taken seriously and even got a compliment! This consultant really gives me hopes for my dreams.”
-Bri MartinezAllExperts.com

“This is probably some of the best advice given to new and old writers out there. Where were you when I wrote my first book? I will keep this information in mind while finishing my second book, hopefully it will help keep me centered on the goal at hand. Thank you.”
-C.J.Barrimond “Better Said Now Than Never Said” At AllISBN# 1424195853
www. freewebs. com/grama-cjbarrimon


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