“What is Your Concept of Love?”

Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC

"Unconditional Love is Universally Paramount."

“Unconditional Love is Universally Paramount.”

From where did all of that stuff about love come?
The newspaper? Television? All media?
The movies? A poem? A love story in
book form? A love story in short story form?
How your parents taught you about love, or
were you socialized or conditioned about
what love is? Your minister? Your priest?
Your friend? Perhaps the governor of your

You get the point. Love comes from a host
of sources that make us what we are with
respect to love. Where love gets in the
way and causes pain, our emotional
intelligence also becomes involved.

Emotional intelligence? Yes, emotional
intelligence. Emotional intelligence
parallels emotional maturity. Emotional
maturity is how mature you act or
react when it comes to love. What
level of emotional intelligence/maturity
do you have?

Do you scream and holler at your loved one(s)
when you can’t have your way with them?
Do you stroke your lover’s face with the
tips of your finger? How is it that you learned
to make your life all about yourself when it
comes to wanting to possess the one you

Are you capable of letting go? Can you give
up your workout so that you can watch the
kids because your husband is going to a
football game without thinking about yourself?

Can you take care of the kids when your wife
is going to a baby shower and your favorite
game is on television with love, and not

Can you look into your lover’s eyes and see
beyond the surface, see what is behind her/his
eyes, what’s going on in there?

How far will you go with love? What is love,
to you? Sex? A deep, passionate kiss.
A tap on the lips?

A love song? When you tell someone you
love them, what do you mean? What does
love mean to you? Think it’s authentic?

What is authentic love? Well, I’m jabbering
here. My point is, by going to the trouble
of learning all you can about love, you will
develop your concept of love. If you already
have a concept of love, you probably
wouldn’t be reading this. Whatever the case
may be, regardless of how long you have had
your concept of love, or you are seeking
your concept of love, you enhance your concept
of love by learning everything about yourself
and about love as you can. This approach to
love develops a concept of love that will
shelter and protect you if you lose the
one you love because you will know what
love is.

Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC

“Zen Haiku Article Writing”

1) What is the correct format for writing an article?
2) What is the exact distance between the first and second line?
3) How many spaces between the first and the second paragraph?
4) How many spaces are needed to indent the first line?
5) What is the correct margin?
6) Give me an advice on how to create an article.
7) How to prepare an article that will have a chance of being published for payment?
8) What to do in order to sell articles to a magazine?
9) Relevant advice concerning article writing.
10) How to improve your writing in order to become a professional writer.

1. Indent seven spaces. Write in paragraph form.
2. Double space.
3. Two.
4. Seven.
5. Ten to twelve spaces.
6. Focus on specific subject matter.
7. Study similar articles that have been published.
8. Write a query letter about your article. Send it
to publishing outlets.
9. Focus on the a specific subject matter. Do adequate
research on the subject matter. Write as though
you’re telling a story, with a beginning, a middle,
and an end. Make sure you have a theme that holds
everything together. The theme should be the subject
matter of your article.
10. The most effective way to improve your writing is to study writing
and to write, write, and write.

“Make Your Work Shine”
Donald L. Vasicek
Olympus Films+, LLC