The Zen of Writing

What is the secret to The Zen of Writing? Based on 40 years of professional writing experience, I know. Because I know, I have developed steps that every writer can take, regardless of what they are writing, and write it effectively for the market, even if that market is your grandmother, to which you want it to go.

Below are some hints to my secret to The Zen of Writing:

Writing, any kind of writing, requires the writer to know inside of themselves why they are writing what they are writing. ¬†It parallels knowing who the audience is of whom will read the writer’s writing.

This knowledge propels the writer to see, hear, smell, touch, and feel that which they are writing. The activation of the five human senses causes the writer to write in specific detail.  Description becomes visual in that the reader can see, feel, smell, touch and hear what they are reading.

How does the writer tap into what is inside of themselves to jump start this approach to writing? “The Write Focus”, an e-book that I wrote and published, shows eight steps in which the writer will make discoveries about their writing that will propel them to writing success, in any kind of writing endeavor.

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