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“The Sand Creek Massacre” videos (lengths in parentheses: (6:27) (1:33) (6:30 Modified Version of film)

(“The Sand Creek Massacre” is an award-winning documentary short film. “Ghosts of Sand Creek”, which is in development, is a feature length motion picture):

The Indie Gathering Film Festival – Cleveland, OH

Trail Dance Film Festival – Duncan, Oklahoma
(Winner, Best Native American Film)
American Indian Film Festival – Rice University – Houston, TX
(Winner, Best Native American Film Short)
The Heard Museum Film Festival – Phoenix, AZ
Metropolitan State College of Denver – Denver, CO
Walnut Hills Elementary School – 4th Grade – Centennial, CO
Broomfield Independent Film Series – Broomfield, CO
Estes Park Film Festival – Estes Park, CO
American Indian Genocide Museum – Houston
Phillip S. Miller Library Bull Theater Project – Castle Rock, CO
Watonga, Oklahoma Schools – Watonga, Oklahoma
California Center for Native Americans – San Bernadino, CA
Houston CTV, HCCT-  Houston
Los Angeles Paxico Projection Series – Los Angeles, CA
The Bug Theater – Denver, CO
New York/Tribeca Monday Night Shorts – New York/Tribeca
Stars in the Desert Film Festival – Tuba City, Arizona
Duke University Center for Documentary Studies/The Happening Film Festival – Durham, NC
DCTV/Colorado Reel/TV – Denver, CO
LA Comcast/Time Warner/The Gigi Iam Show – Los Angeles, CA
Docu-LinkNY/LA/London Shooting People – New York/London
The Denver Indian Center – Denver, CO
Indianer Inuit:  The North American Native Film Festival – Berlin, Germany
Thailand Kasetsart University
George Mason University – Virginia
Philadelphia DUTV – Philadelphia, PA
Boston Ruff Cutz Film Festival – Boston, MA
Los Angeles Entertainment Conference – Los Angeles
New York DCTV – New York, NY
Festival Cicio de Cine Chicano – University of Houston – Houston, TX
Videographers of America
Hayden Film Festival
Pan American Film Festival
Rhode Island College Multicultural/Unity Center
PBS KBDI Channel 12 “Colorado Inside Out”
Staten Island Muddy Cup – Staten Island, NY
Moondance International Film Festival – Boulder, CO
Tribal Libraries Institute – Montana State University – Bozeman, Montana
Federal Heights Elementary School – 4th Grade – Denver, Colorado
Broomfield Middle School – Broomfield, Colorado
University of Denver – Denver, Colorado
Cheyenne & Arapaho Veterans Memorial Day El Reno, Oklahoma 2017
55 Libraries in United States
42 U. S. Tribal Libraries

“Indian Country”
Colorado Film and Video Association Newsletter
“The Villager”
“The Indiewood Reporter”
Hollywood Lit. Sales
“Colorado Springs Gazette”
“The Denver Post”
“Native Biz”
“Centennial Citizen”

Radio Interviews: Radio Canada
“Dance with Life” Magazine

Educational Screenings and Viewings

Donald L. Vasicek
The Zen of Writing/Filmmaking/Consulting
“You must be the change you want to see in the  world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

“Love or Hate?”

You see hate erases the soul. It drives you
into pylons of misery and darkness. You only
see the black side of life. That black side of
life shows ugliness. It rips out your heart. It
hardens your face. It makes your days concoctions
of gloom and gray. Flowers appear black and white.
The sky rolls with angry clouds and it rains on you
until you are wet and cold and your quest for refuge
meets with locked doors that will not open.

On the other hand, love fills your soul with
beautiful rainbow colors. Reds. Yellows. Blues.
Golds. Greens. Sparkling days of warm sunshine.
Red tulips from Amsterdam. Yellows from Palm
Springs. Blues from the Pacific. Golds from Rocky
Mountain Autumns. Greens from Chicago’s Wrigley
Field. All of your doors are already open. You
simply have to walk through them.

And in the midst of these dynamics, you have a choice.
Which will it be for you, love or hate?