Love or Hate?

ZO 8.6.14“Love is a universal necessity”

Zo – In Memoriam – 2000-2015

You see hate erases the soul. It drives you
into pylons of misery and darkness. You only
see the black side of life. That black side of
life shows ugliness. It rips out your heart. It
hardens your face. It makes your days concoctions
of gloom and gray. Flowers appear black and white.
The sky rolls with angry clouds and it rains on you
until you are wet and cold and your quest for refuge
meets with locked doors that will not open.

On the other hand, love fills your soul with
beautiful rainbow colors. Reds. Yellows. Blues.
Golds. Greens. Sparkling days of warm sunshine.
Red tulips from Amsterdam. Yellows from Palm
Springs. Blues from the Pacific. Golds from Rocky
Mountain Autumns. Greens from Chicago’s Wrigley
Field. All of your doors are already open. You
simply have to walk through them.
And in the midst of these dynamics, you have a choice.
Which will it be for you, love or hate?

“Understanding the Human Male”


The easiest way to understand males is to look at their souls. Some have souls that sing, some have souls that wail, some have souls that sing and wail. Those males whose souls sing, are happy, progressive and pleased with themselves and their lives. Those males who wail are unhappy, possibly depressed, stagnant and not that pleased with themselves. Those males who sing and wail are happy and unhappy, depressed and not depressed, stagnant and fresh and not pleased with themselves and pleased with themselves. The sum total of these kinds of males is that each is a human being with a brain and a heart.

Balancing those two “organs” in life are as tenuous as trying to walk on a tightrope. They can waver. They can walk in a straight line. They can fall off and get back on. They can stay on, then get off when they finish. Whatever judgement one might make on males, one should possess the sensitivity to understand that males are the same as females in all of these respects. So, regardless of what males do, go easy on them during your journey in life even if they say or do something that hurts you deeply. They are simply trying to sort their way through this complicated life just like you are. You need to protect your concept of self. It mars the core of who you are each time you react negatively to what a male or males might say or do that affects you.