Award-winning writer/filmmaker Donald L. Vasicek can take you from the inception of your idea to the market. This translates to if you have an idea for a movie or a book, he can guide you through the jungle of writing these tomes all the way to getting it to producers, agents, editors, and/or publishers. His services also include helping writers write synopses, treatments, scripts, letters, book proposals, books, e-books, ghostwriting, etc.

Don also is available to do your writing for you. That includes screenplays, books, e-books, articles, book proposals, treatments, etc. Employing a Zen technique he developed over 40 years of writing experience, Don is capable of writing most anything that you need to have written on a professional level.

Working within the client’s budget is paramount to a successful client relationship. Rates stated are based on low/high fees for each kind of work listed. All rates are negotiable.
-Donald L. Vasicek – The Zen of Writing & Screenwriting

Contact Don at or 303-903-2103.

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