“Theme, Characters, Story Elements”

"Unconditional Love is Universally Paramount."
“Unconditional Love is Universally Paramount.”

Donald L. Vasicek

All entertaining and creative writing springs from the writer’s ability to tell a story. And this story doesn’t have to be fiction. All effective writing springs from putting the story together in a coherent fashion.

A story must have a beginning, a middle and an end, and not necessarily in that order, but those three elements must “be there” in order to make what you are writing effective. The story must have a defining theme. A defining theme is the main theme of the story.

For example, if the story is about an apple, then everything in the story must relate directly, or indirectly to the apple. If the apple begins its life in the tree in the story and its struggle in the story is to become an full grown apple, then elements must be introduced in the story like the weather, the human being, the animal, etc. that are trying to prevent the apple from becoming a full grown apple.

It is the apple’s job in the story to fight and defeat each one of these “opponents”, with one of these “opponents” being the main threat to the apple. The main opponent should reflect what the apple wants, to become a full grown apple, but the main opponent, which is the villain or antagonist in the story, depending upon if the writer is telling a story about a fight between good and evil (villain) or a story that represents a competitive force (antagonist) to the apple’s goal.

This, then, introduces conflict, and without conflict in any story, there is no drama, and if there is no drama, there is no story, just a series of sentences that are saying something about the apple. And this could be where many writers are at in their writing dilemma. You must tell a compelling story that the reader can relate to on an emotional level, or you will lose the reader before they finish reading what you have written.

Get on the right track by “being yourself” in your writings. That is vital to be effective in your writing. So, what you need to do is rethink your approach to your writing style, perhaps rewrite something you have written utilizing the above suggestions.

If this resonates with you, good! If it does not then, I am hopeful that you continue your quest to be an effective writer. You’re never not that far off. You just needs to shift your writing a bit and you’ll be on your way!

Best Regards,
Don Vasicek

The Secret to Effective Writing


A favorite Zen story in which three men are
observing a flag fluttering in the breeze: One
man says, The flag is moving. The second
man says, The wind is moving. The third
man says, You are both wrong, it is your
mind that is moving.

If you look inside of yourself, you will see
the information you need to be successful.
This information contains everything you
need to be successful. The secret to
tapping into this information is contained
in The Zen of Writing.

How so, you ask?

Look inside of yourself and you will see
the answer. This is the secret to successful
writing and/or filmmaking. Look inside
of yourself and you will see the secret.

Why is it that Steven Spielberg is a
successful filmmaker? He has the ability
to look inside of himself and see the secret.

Why is Stephen King a successful novelist?
He has the ability to look inside of himself
and see the secret.

What do you seek when you write a letter,
or make a corporate video? Do you look
outside or inside of your mind and heart?
When you look inside of your mind and
heart you enhance your ability to see the
secret to being successful in your undertaking.
When you look outside of your mind and heart,
you have no ability to see the secret to being

What rings true in each one of us is our
ability to think and feel. When we tap
into those senses to write a screenplay
or make a film, we look inside of ourselves.
We see the secret to successfully writing the
screenplay or making a film successful.

You might ask, but I do that and I see
nothing. The reason you see nothing is
because you allow yourself to avoid seeing
the secret. You allow yourself to avoid seeing
the secret because you do not know how to
see the secret.

With The Zen of Writing, you will see the secret.
You need simply to contact me to learn how to
tap into that secret.

Peace, Light and Love,
The Zen of Writing

“Some 101 Basics to Becoming a Successful Writer”


The Fine Point of Writing

Utilizing writing as a means for income to support yourself and/or your family requires great effort if you are to succeed. One should not think in terms of how “exiting” it might be to be a writer. Although being a writer has its benefits, the fine point of becoming a writer is to realize that writing is hard work.


It requires one to be creative, to focus on detail, to discipline oneself, to be professional at all times, to always be open-minded to how you can take your writing talent and abilities to the next level, to be on a constant schedule of marketing oneself, etc. Writing requires deep thought. There are those times when writing that one has to call upon their innermost being to bring out of themselves that which is necessary to write what they are writing.

What Writing Takes

At times when writing, the writer might spend days perfecting one sentence. Being a writer requires patience, perseverance, mental strength, determination and a willingness to sacrifice their leisure time to become successful as well as maintaining and taking writing success to the next level. You can read more about writing on my website. If you have questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Donald L. Vasicek
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The Zen of Writing