The Touch of Love
Donald L. Vasicek

The breath of lavender sweeps me
into microcosms of you. I touch
it’s delicate blossoms and feel your
smooth face. I smell it’s majestic
columns and see your strong
eyes. I feel it’s soft sharpness and
tumble in your hair. I see it waving
in the wind and hear you whispering
your magic in my ear. I am gone.
I am gone. I will not return to what
I knew life to be before our lips
touched and we exploded into love.


-I Just Wanted to Tell You That I Loved You

You know, there was this special little place where I hid.
It had doors and windows and the smell of lavender.
The smell always brought me to you.
You know, you, the woman I love.
How can I feel anything else but love for you?
That’s why I hid in this special little place.
To hide my love for you.
Then, I told you I loved you.
I told you I wanted to hold you in my arms.
I told you I wanted to feel your warmth next to me.
I told you I wanted to stroke your hair and kiss your lips.
I told you I wanted to be with you.
I know that’s heavy stuff, but I had to tell you.
I see now that you have your own hiding place
it has nothing to do with me.

-Donald L. Vasicek